Austin Everyday Photographer | 365 days

Week 35…I spend a lot of days doing monotonous mom things. Some days it is so, so challenging to come up with a photo that is new, exciting, and different. It’s the days/weeks like this that remind me why I got into photography in the first place. Not to make my kids into little models so I can take the perfect photo; but to capture them, doing what they do, so perfectly.

Jumping as high as you can on a trampoline.



Blowing glitter around the yard for the garden fairies.


Finding the caterpillars that infest our backyard vine every spring.

245 caterpillars are back!

And the fact that you get so much joy out of a little self proclaimed “girl time” . All we did was pick up tacos for dinner!

day 246. Girl time :D I love you babies. Thanks for making my life beautiful.

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