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When I first heard about Leilani Rodgers public breastfeeding awareness project, I knew I had to be a part of it. Breastfeeding is something very important to me (read a little about my own nursing journey here) and I was so excited to be in this group of so many amazing photographers from around the world. Our media response was phenomenal, with features from The Huffington Post to Baby Center and so many more, all sharing our mission statement + images.

Every day, our photographers shared images of mother’s nursing their children in public places via facebook using tags #PBAP2014 #thisisnormal #worldbreastfeedingweek to unify our images and stories. I am so proud to be a part of a project that touched so many hearts and lives. Please join in on our blog circle by visiting the next photographer in our group, the talented Cynthia Dawson from right here in Austin.


I put out a model call on facebook for nursing mamas  and was so excited with this little cutie’s mama contacted me. She writes a popular blog, Baby Making Machine and her little boy is just adorable. Since I nursed my son until he was two, toddler nursing is really special to me. It is so easy to see your babies doing all these big kid things and to see them as big kids. Nursing brings us back, slows us down, lets us soak in the last drops of babiness until they are grown. Anyone who has nursed a toddler can tell you it is nothing like nursing a baby. This little one didn’t nurse for long before he wanted back in on the big kid action at the playground.

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Though I have nursed two children, never two at once. To those that do, you have all my respect. It was truly amazing to watch this supermom of three nursing her twins at the park. Isn’t it amazing how elegant and gorgeous a woman looks when doing the most natural thing in the world. Loving + feeding her child.



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