she’s five

She is five, and I am five years a mother. It is hard to remember the days when I had no babies. They were definitely simpler, cleaner, and quieter …but oh these days. These days are beautiful. My life as a mother is a messy, loud, beautiful chaos. My children have taught me to see life through a new lens. To appreciate the beauty and newness of every day + every moment. And most importantly that life goes by fast and that we need to slow down and enjoy it.

Happy birthday Lillian, my lover of life, my adventurer, my artist. I am so grateful to be your mama.

2014-11-23_0001 2014-11-23_0002 2014-11-23_0003 2014-11-23_0004 2014-11-23_0008 2014-11-23_0005

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