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I never, ever thought I would be a homeschool mom. But last year my daughter turned 5, and once summer hit I knew I had to make a decision. In my heart I knew it was the right choice, but admitting it and letting go of other fabulous education opportunities was hard. I am thankful for the support of my friends + Austin homeschool community to help me realize what a fantastic option homeschool is!

We are very excited about our first year and all the adventures we will have! Originally we were going to wait until September 1st to begin, but once we opened our huge boxes of homeschool curriculum (Bookshark) we decided to dive right in.

Follow our group students from around the country as they go through their first year of Kindergarden. Next up in the blog circle is the super talented Lynzi Berg.

package delivery homeschool supplies bookshark My happy KINDERGARDENER!!! How can this be?? I remember taking her one year photos on this very porch.
austin homeschool photography blog_paigewilks (4) kids pulling wagon with package bookshark So.Many.Books!!  homeschool supplies kindergarden curriculum bookshark I love that the curriculum includes so many hands on lessons. Today we focused on seasons and as you can see my little artist loved the assignment. kindergarden four seasons art science craft

When Lillie first saw the math book (Singapore math) she was pretty excited and wanted to do it all. She loves anything with cute pictures so this is right up her alley.  kindergardener studies math austin homeschool photography blog_paigewilks (10) austin homeschool photography blog_paigewilks (12)

Week 1: visit the library…Sounds perfect! austin childrens library

Santa and motorcycle? Noah’s perfect book 🙂  austin homeschool photography blog_paigewilks (13)

I don’t know if you remember using these pattern tiles in school as a kid but I do, and I loved them! These came with our kit and Lillie is already loving them. I tried to get her to skip ahead a few pages but in true Lillian style she wants to do each page in order 😛  austin homeschool photography blog_paigewilks (8) austin homeschool photography blog_paigewilks (9) Stay tuned for more adventures in homeschool land. And don’t forget to check out the lovely Lynzi and her new kindergardener.

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