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It is the second month of our “Where We Live” blog circle and I am excited to show you one of my favorite places in Austin, the Barton Creek Greenbelt. It is a huge green space with caves, cliffs, trails, and (sometimes) water…right in the middle of the city! My husband and I have been coming here together since we were dating, and have so many fond memories. This is the place where he proposed to me. I spent my pregnancies hiking the trails and creek-beds; I even walked the trails during labor while preparing for my home-birth with Noah! I feel so lucky that I have a place like this to take my children, so close to home.

The trails of the greenbelt are heavily wooded and so green this time of year.

2014-05-13_0001 We arrive at the (dry) creek-bed, a favorite spot for local rock climbers.

2014-05-13_0002 2014-05-13_0012

2014-05-13_0006 2014-05-13_0003

The creek bed is full of smoothed limestone…we spent a good 45 minutes just playing with the rocks


And then we found the butterflies!!! It must have been hatching day or something because there were thousands of butterflies! Lillian was in heaven.

2014-05-13_0005 2014-05-13_0004 2014-05-13_0008

When it rains the creek-bed becomes like a raging river, this tree must have been swept here during a recent storm.

2014-05-13_0007 2014-05-13_0009 2014-05-13_0010

And since it’s Thursday, how about a little “throwback”? All these photos were taken at the same place, I love how the greenbelt changes so much. It is a little different every time we go.

2014-05-13_0014 Be sure to check out the next person in our blog circle full of amazingly talented women. Sheila Clapperton, from Italy! (I know…jealous!) 

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