Austin Childrens Photographer | Lensbaby

So about a week ago I turned 30, to celebrate I welcomed the Lensbaby edge 80 to my lens collection. A lensbaby has been on my wish list for a long time, it is a manual focus lens that allows you to adjust the plane of focus, kinda like a tilt shift lens. The result is magical bokeh goodness.

I took this photo the first day I had it and I knew the lensbaby and I would get along great.

lensbaby little girl

just look at that smooth beautiful bokeh

wagon ride lensbaby lensbaby climbing

after a few days I started experimenting with lens flare…

sunflare lensbaby bike

My experimenting paid off when I got this shot. What says summer better than a toddler booty drenched in gorgeous sun rays?

Those not from around here probably don’t realize what a HUGE deal rain is (especially during the summer). This sun shower only lasted about 10 minutes and it was the best 10 mintues of the whole day.

rain lensbaby

rain dance lensbaby

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