Austin Children’s Museum | The Thinkery | Where We Live

For this month’s Where We Live blog circle I am taking you to Austin’s new children’s museum, the Thinkery.Where I  met up with fellow photographers Kayla Gonzales and Bonnie Hussey for a morning of crazy + fun.

The light room is always a huge hit with the giant light bright, interactive light wall, and of course the shadow wall 🙂

Every time we come they have different set ups…today, giant board games!  Checkers anyone?

Lillie and Noah play with  Bonnie’s adorable daughter in the rainbow hall. Of course, we were photographing it 🙂

Caution: You WILL get wet! Nobody warned me of this my first visit. Extra clothes is a must!

Welcome to my kids favorite room. They could spend hours in here pretending.

This room is perfect for getting all the rambunctious energy out. And how stinkin cute is Kayla’s baby girl <3

I hope you enjoyed your peek inside the Thinkery. Next check out Jennifer Reynolds  who will show us a little bit of what it’s like in Delaware.

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