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Birth days are my favorite days, and this day was no exception. This mama of 5 was a rock star for her home water birth. I arrived at her house in the middle of the night when everything was still and peaceful. We chatted a little about how she was feeling, and everyone decided to try and rest a bit. A short while later I was woken up by the unmistakable sound of a woman in active labor….



2014-06-23_0003 2014-06-23_0004

2014-06-23_0005 2014-06-23_0006

“On the day you were born

the Earth turned, the Moon pulled,

the Sun flared, and, then, with a push…




…you slipped out of the dark quiet

where suddenly you could hear…

a circle of people signing with voices familiar and clear.

2014-06-23_0009 2014-06-23_0010


…welcome to the spinning world…

we are so glad you’ve come!”   ~ On the Day you were Born



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