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week 25…The entire time we were in Missouri, we waited and waited for snow. Of course, it didn’t hit until our drive home. We spent 13 hours driving through a blizzard. My little Texan children had enough snow to last them a while I think 😉 Thank goodness we made it home safe. Its nice to be home where its warm and the sun is shining!

day 171...the  snow finally came! (on our drive home) Pit stop for coffee and snowball making.

week 26…Happy Valentines day!


week 27…Every day we check our peach tree for blossoms and today we found some! The very first ones of spring.

187|365. Enjoying the beautiful evening

week 28…This week I got one of my new favorite photos of my daughter. She is surrounded in light with her little curls falling on her shirt. Its captures like this that remind me childhood is magical, and how lucky I am to be able to watch these two perfect people grow.

day 198

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